State Criminal Justice Profile


BJA Investments

In Fiscal Year 2014, BJA provided more than $10 million* in state and local funds to Maryland.

Justice Assistance Grant Program—State Formula $3,817,597
Justice Assistance Grant Program—19 Local Awards $2,244,816
Other Direct Discretionary Funds $4,486,081

Source: Bureau of Justice Assistance
*This amount does not include funding for national training and technical assistance programs that benefit all states and territories.

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Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program—State Formula

Grantee Name GMS Project Period Project Title GMS Award Amount
State of Maryland 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Maryland Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Program $3,817,597

Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program—Local Awards

Grantee Name GMS Project Period Project Title GMS Award Amount
Anne Arundel County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 Byrne JAG Program Local Solicitation–Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) Coordination $208,214
Baltimore County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 JAG Local—Baltimore County $363,230
Calvert County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 FY 2014 JAG Program $11,440
Cecil County Sheriff’s Office 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Cecil County FY 2014 JAG Program $35,808
Charles County Government 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 JAG Project $49,565
City of Annapolis 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Specialized Training for the Annapolis Police Department $16,560
City of Baltimore 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Baltimore City JAG Program, Round 10 $771,963
City of Cumberland 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Allegany County Officer Safety Initiative $14,729
City of Frederick 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Technology and Equipment Grant $49,908
City of Greenbelt 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 ETIX Printer/Scanner Project $12,012
City of Hagerstown 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 City of Hagerstown FY 2014 JAG Project $16,074
Dorchester County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Patrol Vehicle Equipment Project $10,439
Harford County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Harford County Operations Improvement Initiative $41,900
Howard County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Saturation Patrols and Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC) Training $49,451
Montgomery County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 Taser Program $146,207
Prince George’s County Government 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Prince George’s County FY 2014 JAG Project $376,729
Salisbury Police Department 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 JAG Security Camera System Upgrade $33,863
St. Mary’s County Government 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 FY 2014 JAG Program $20,593
Washington County Board of Commissioners 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 FY 2014 JAG Program $16,131

Other Direct Discretionary Funds

Grantee Name GMS Project Period Project Title GMS Award Amount
Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Maryland Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners (RSAT) Program $144,055
Maryland Department of Juvenile Services 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2016 A Partnership for Zero Tolerance in Maryland $310,186
Maryland Higher Education Commission 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2015 Maryland FY 2014 John R. Justice Program $33,823
Montgomery County 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2016 Continuum of Behavioral Health Services to Prevent Recidivism $600,000
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation 01/01/2012 – 05/31/2016 Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) National Firefighter Survivor Support $3,000,000
State of Maryland 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2015 Maryland Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Project $102,391
Wor-Wic Community College 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2016 Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy PREA Initiative $295,626

Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers

Law Enforcement Agencies: 153

Sworn Officers: 17,312

City     County     Tribal     State*     Other

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report (2013)

  • More than 60% of the 153 law enforcement agencies in Maryland have 50 or fewer sworn officers.
  • Nearly 76% of sworn officers work for agencies with 100 or more officers.
Note: Detail may sum to more than 100% due to rounding.

Officer Fatalities and Assaults

Between 2004 and 2013, 7 officers were feloniously killed (1 in 2013) and 15 officers were accidentally killed in the line of duty. In 2013, 2,319 officers were assaulted (4.65% of all officers assaulted in the United States).

Crime Trends

According to the FBI Annual Report, nationwide violent crime in 2013 decreased more than 4% from the 2012 estimates. Below are the current crime trends for Maryland:

Crime 2012 2013 %
Violent Crime 28,055 28,089 0.1
Murder and Manslaughter 369 381 3.3
Forcible Rape 1,235 2,709 N/A
Robbery 10,141 10,048 -0.9
Aggravated Assault 16,310 16,128 -1.1
Property Crime 162,031 157,913 -2.5
Burglary 33,732 31,949 -5.3
Larceny-Theft 113,274 112,546 -0.6
Motor Vehicle Theft 15,025 13,418 -10.7

Arrest Data

In 2013, total arrests (168,692) decreased 21.48% from 2012. Violent-crime arrests decreased 28.35% (6,925), and property-related arrests decreased 25.44% (20,773).
Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reports

Court Structure

Court of Last Resort:    Court of Appeals
Intermediate Appellate:    Court of Special Appeals
General Jurisdiction:    Circuit Court
Limited Jurisdiction:    District Court


Prisoner Admissions: 9,223
Prisoner Releases: 9,504
Total Prisoners: 21,335

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics (2013)

Major Correctional Facilities: 26
Recidivism Rate*: 40.5%
Top Offenses: Murder, robbery, assault (FY 2014)

Source: Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
*The percentage of released inmates who return to prison or community supervision for new crimes within 3 years.

Regional Informations Sharing Systems® (RISS)

The Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN), a RISS Center, serves Maryland. There are 72 Maryland criminal justice agencies that are members of MAGLOCLEN.
Source: Regional Information Sharing Systems

Seal of Maryland


In Maryland, Byrne JAG state funding has assisted with numerous innovative initiatives and supports:

  • Baltimore Child Abuse Center, which provides victims of child sexual abuse and nonoffending caretakers with intervention, treatment, education, and advocacy services. The center has interagency alliances with Baltimore City social services, the Baltimore City Police Department, and the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City to advocate and address the impact of abuse.

  • Data-driven policing practices. In collaboration with Washington College, the Maryland CompStat on Demand Program provides agencies with crime mapping and analysis as well as recommendations regarding crime reduction strategies and accountability.

  • Specialty court dockets in Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Charles County, and Baltimore City for drug and mental health courts. In Anne Arundel County, awards went to purchasing mobile drug testing equipment, which improves offender accountability by providing on-site testing.

  • Reduction of outstanding arrest warrant backlogs for local law enforcement agencies.

  • Community-based, short-term detoxification and mental health crisis stabilization in residential settings.

Source: National Criminal Justice Association

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State Administering Agency (SAA)

Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention V. Glenn Fueston, Jr., Executive Director

Maryland At-A-Glance

Total Population: 5,928,814
Population Under 18: 1,344,522
Population Over 65: 794,981

Source: U.S. Census (2013 est.)

State Investigative Agency:
Maryland State Police Colonel William Pallozzi, Superintendent

Local Governments: 347
Source: U.S. Census (2012)

Federally Recognized Tribes: 0
Source: Bureau of Indian Affairs

U.S. Attorneys’ Office: Rod J. Rosenstein—District of Maryland, Baltimore Source: U.S. Department of Justice

Homeland Security Agency: Governor's Office of Homeland Security Walter F. Landon, Director

Drug Courts: 41
Source: National Drug Court Resource Center