State Criminal Justice Profile


BJA Investments

In Fiscal Year 2014, BJA provided more than $13 million* in state and local funds to Ohio.

Justice Assistance Grant Program—State Formula $6,129,635
Justice Assistance Grant Program—22 Local Awards $2,794,905
Other Direct Discretionary Funds $4,117,378

Source: Bureau of Justice Assistance
*This amount does not include funding for national training and technical assistance programs that benefit all states and territories.

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Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program—State Formula

Grantee Name GMS Project Period Project Title GMS Award Amount
Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 Ohio JAG Program $6,129,635

Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program—Local Awards

Grantee Name GMS Project Period Project Title GMS Award Amount
Butler County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 JAG Program $98,898
City of Akron 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 2014 JAG $185,505
City of Chillicothe 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Operation Stand Up $16,259
City of Cincinnati 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Police Visibility Overtime, Sexual Assault Advocate, and Enhancing Adjudication $370,692
City of Cleveland 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 Cleveland Area JAG $595,551
City of Dayton 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 Dayton and Montgomery County JAG $184,088
City of Fairfield 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Secure Storage Vaults for Police Vehicles $13,567
City of Lancaster 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Patrol Rifle and Patrol Video Project $11,052
City of Lima 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Lima/Allen County 2014 Local JAG $42,719
City of Mansfield 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Mansfield Police/Richland County Sheriff's Sworn Officer Retention Project $17,994
City of Marion 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 FY 2014 JAG Program $10,272
City of Portsmouth 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Law Enforcement Traditional Programs/Equipment, Information Technology with Computer Hardware/Software Upgrades $11,016
City of Sandusky 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2015 Sandusky Police Department Taser Upgrade Project $12,398
City of Springfield 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 2014 Springfield/Clark County Technology and Equipment Grant $44,030
City of Warren 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Efficient Video Solutions II $28,408
City of Youngstown 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Youngstown/Mahoning FY 2014 JAG $70,809
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 2014 Lucas County JAG Collaboration $321,420
Franklin County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Franklin County Regional Justice Assistance $576,352
Lake County Sheriff’s Office 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 JAG Program $25,185
Licking County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Enhance Officer Safety and Accountability $31,419
Lorain County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 Safe Communities $49,661
Stark County 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 JAG Program $77,610

Other Direct Discretionary Funds

Grantee Name GMS Project Period Project Title GMS Award Amount
Cleveland Municipal Court 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2016 Residential Opiate Project $200,000
Crawford-Marion Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2017 FIRST (Facilitating Intervention Regarding Substance Treatment) Court $348,836
Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2017 Cuyahoga County Drug Court Expansion $300,000
Executive Agency State of Ohio 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2015 Ohio FY 2014 John R. Justice Program $37,462
Hamilton County 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2017 Expanding and Enhancing Outpatient Treatment for Hamilton County Drug Court Clients $300,000
Hamilton County 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2016 Hamilton County Second Chance Planning and Implementation Project $665,740
Highland County Board of Commissioners 10/01/2014 – 03/31/2016 Highland County FY 2014 Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program: Planning $100,000
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2017 Ohio FY 2014 Justice Reinvestment Initiative: Maximizing State Reforms $862,176
Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2016 Southern District of Ohio FY 2014 Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative $500,000
Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017 FY 2014 Ohio Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners (RSAT) Program $293,409
Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2015 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Funds Joint Project—Ohio Department of Youth Services and Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction $123,134
Ohio State Board of Pharmacy 10/01/2014 – 03/31/2016 Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System Enhancement Project $386,621

Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers

Law Enforcement Agencies: 212

Sworn Officers: 13,147

City     County     Tribal     State     Other

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report (2013)

  • More than 82% of the 212 law enforcement agencies in Ohio have 50 or fewer sworn officers.
  • Nearly 62% of sworn officers work for agencies with 100 or more officers.

Officer Fatalities and Assaults

Between 2004 and 2013, 14 officers were feloniously killed (0 in 2013) and 14 officers were accidentally killed in the line of duty. In 2013, 183 officers were assaulted (0.37% of all officers assaulted in the United States).

Crime Trends

According to the FBI Annual Report, nationwide violent crime in 2013 decreased more than 4% from the 2012 estimates. Below are the current crime trends for Ohio:

Crime 2012 2013 %
Violent Crime 34,595 33,121 -4.3
Murder and Manslaughter 495 455 -8.1
Forcible Rape* 3,658 6,865 N/A
Robbery 15,235 14,368 -5.7
Aggravated Assault 15,207 14,257 -6.2
Property Crime 359,883 338,731 -5.9
Burglary 103,421 91,433 -11.6
Larceny-Theft 236,950 227,766 -3.9
Motor Vehicle Theft 19,512 19,532 0.1
*Agencies within this state submitted rape data according to both the revised UCR definition of rape and the legacy UCR definition of rape.

Arrest Data

In 2013, total arrests (224,248) decreased 1.32% from 2012. Violent-crime arrests increased 5.66% (6,589), and property-related arrests increased 0.14% (35,489).
Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reports

Court Structure

Court of Last Resort:    Supreme Court
Intermediate Appellate:    Courts of Appeal
General Jurisdiction:    Court of Common Pleas
Limited Jurisdiction:    Municipal Court; County Court; Mayor's Court


Prisoner Admissions: 21,998
Prisoner Releases: 21,235
Total Prisoners: 51,729

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics (2013)

Major Correctional Facilities: 26
Recidivism Rate*: 27.1%
Top Offenses: Burglary, rape, aggravated robbery (FY 2015)

Source: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
*Ohio calculates recidivism based on returns to incarceration for a new crime, prison sanction, or technical violation of the conditions of parole supervision.

Regional Informations Sharing Systems® (RISS)

The Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN), a RISS Center, serves Ohio. There are 237 Ohio criminal justice agencies that are members of MAGLOCLEN.
Source: Regional Information Sharing Systems

Seal of Ohio


In Ohio, Byrne JAG state funding has assisted with numerous innovative initiatives and supports:

  • Ohio Consortium of Crime Science (OCCS). This statewide criminal justice consortium, the first of its kind in the United States, assists local communities in solving their crime problems by developing effective researcher-based partnerships for sharing information and expertise and developing evidence-based solutions. Piloted with Byrne JAG funds and currently funded through BJA assistance grant funds, OCCS is based on the premise that making researchers more accessible to practitioners will allow them to take a “smart on crime,” evidence-based, data-driven approach to identifying programs that show real results in reducing and preventing crime. To date, 6 OCCS projects (including 3 pilot studies) have been completed with a high degree of success, 4 are ongoing, and 4 are in the pipeline. Examples of projects undertaken include a citizen climate survey; a study of hot spot patrol; evaluation of police staffing levels, rank structure, and district boundaries; evaluation of a sexual assault and victim advocacy initiative; a special courtroom docket for prostitution; and a trauma-informed care program for use in a correctional setting.

  • Training for community corrections staff through the Ohio Community Corrections Association and the Ohio Justice Alliance for Community Corrections. Funding supports outreach, scholarships, and training for staff at state and local community corrections agencies and related entities such as courts, substance abuse providers, case managers, and behavioral health social workers.

Source: National Criminal Justice Association

PDF IconDetails on Ohio’s priorities and planning process

State Administering Agency (SAA)

Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services Karhlton Moore, Executive Director

Ohio At-A-Glance

Total Population: 11,570,808
Population Under 18: 2,649,830
Population Over 65: 1,752,297

Source: U.S. Census (2013 est.)

State Investigative Agency:
Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation Tom Stickrath, Superintendent

Local Governments: 3,842
Source: U.S. Census (2012)

Federally Recognized Tribes: 0
Source: Bureau of Indian Affairs

U.S. Attorneys’ Offices: Carole S. Rendon—Northern District of Ohio, Cleveland Benjamin C. Glassman—Southern District of Ohio, Columbus Source: U.S. Department of Justice

Homeland Security Agency: Ohio Homeland Security Richard L. Zwayer II, Executive Director

Drug Courts: 94
Source: National Drug Court Resource Center